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Spa Setting



Teen Facial 


This facial is great for teens needing to learn how to take care of their skin. Includes a double cleanse, a scrub, an enzyme, diamond dermabrasion, extractions, a mask, massage, and serums.  Gentle care and special attention is given to young skin. Promote a healthy complexion, and help your teen look and feel better about the skin they're in. If they need more extractions please choose our add-on extractipns. 15min for $15. The teen facial is $55 each or 3 for $150

Nu Bella Signature Facial


Our most popular facial, with all the gadgets. Customized for all skin types. Includes a double cleanse with sonic wave massage therapy, an exfoliating scrub removed with ultrasonic, a skin specific enzyme treatment, diamond dermabrasion, extractions, a therapeutic mask, a massage of the face, neck, and decolette.  *package of 3 for $255

Sensitive Skin Facial


Using a combination of products the are specifically formulated to soothe irritated skin, calm rosacea, and reduce inflammation.  End results are strengthened and smoother skin. *package of 3 for $255

Back Facial


Your back needs love too. The hardest part of our body to clean. Steam, Steam, Steam! The steam is on for most of this treatment. Includes a double cleanse, exfoliating scrub, enzyme, diamond dermabrasion, extractions, high frequency, a mask, and a relaxing back massage. *package of 3 for $275

Classic Chemical Peel


Chemical peels help to quickly lighten pigment discolorations, such as melasma and sun damage. In addition, peels can help to inhibit acne,and  reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Peels are available for all skin types. Includes a cleanse, diamond dermabrasion, extractions, peel, serums, moisturizer, and SPF. (After care cream is included) *package of 3 for $275

Spa Setting

Advanced Facials


Advanced Chemical Peel


This advanced chemical peel is for those who want quicker results. Smooth fine lines, even skin tone, reduce appearance of acne scars, and improve skin texture, FASTER. Peeling usually begins 3-5 days after treatment and lasts approximately 7 days. This peel contains salicylic acid and resorcinol. If you have an allergy to either of these, this peel is not for you. No waxing on the face for 7 days prior . After care cream is included. *package of 3 for $425

Red Carpet Facial 


This relaxing 75 min spa facial stimulates circulation within the skin. Rejuvenates and repairs sluggish, stressed, or dull skin while it draws oxygen to the skin's surface. The 3 step oxy trio and oxygen bubble mask are unmatched, leaving your skin glowing. Once applied, pure stabilized oxygen begins to bubble up. Your skin will drink up all of the nutrients, aminos, peptides, vitamins, and minerals. Results are a healthy, radiant glow. Includes a hand scrub, and warming mittens. $145 each or 3 for $400

Dermaplaning Facial


This treatment exfoliates the epidermis and removes vellus hair (peach fuzz) which allows for better product penetration. This treatment is good for all skin types. Includes everything in our Nu Bella Signature Facial, plus dermaplaning.  *package of 3 for $300

Nano Infusion Facial (Rezenerate)


This treatment uses a nano technology device to infuse a results specific serum into your skin. See results in as little as 1 treatment. Includes everything in our Nu Bella Signature Facial and we finish off by infusing a high quality serum. Great for anti-aging, plumping, minimizing fine lines, and hydration. *package of 3 for $350

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening


This non-invasive treatment uses energy waves to heat the deep layers of your skin. Results from this treatment are an increase of collagen production, and tighter, toners, firmer looking skin. Can add on to any facial (be sure to book both the facial and this service to allow enough time). It is recommended to have 1 session per week, with 6-10 sessions for best results.

liquid wax for pink depilation drains fr





**Female only** Hair needs to be at least 1/4" (about 2 weeks of growth)
$55 each or 3 for $135



Bikini area. Only 2 finger width outside of panty line. Upper/inner thighs add $10



Underarm Wax

Upper Lip


Upper lip wax



Chin wax



Inside nostrils

Side Burns


Side burn waxing

Full Legs


Full leg waxing

Half Leg


Half leg waxing

Full Arms


full arm waxing

Half Arms


Half arm waxing



Full back waxing



Chest Waxing

Full Face


Full face, excluding brows

Full Face w/ Brows


Full face, including brows




Brow Wax


Measure, shape, and wax brows